About us and certifications

We are a family business with myself (Kyle) being the main hands on guy looking after all your gas instalations and safety checks.

My wife Nicolle is an accountant and keeps us all balanced and working hard for our customers.

And the most important bit of all this, (no not our certificates and qualifications, I’ll show you those at the end) is you our clients! Because we are family based and family orientated you can be guaranteed of a personal and professional service that can not always be found in more corporate style companies.

No one can walk in your door to look at your gas equipment without being Gas Safe Registered which of course we are and easily checkable on their site using my Registration Number 638570

To save you a little research time, which is advisable, down below is what we are certified to work with and on in accordance with Gas Safe Register qualifications.

Just for those a little confused about Gas Safe it has replaced the old Corgi registration. No idea why…?

  • Building regulations
  • Combustion performance gas analysis
  • Domestic Cookers/Hobs
  • Gas Boiler
  • Gas installation pipework
  • Domestic flued range cookers
  • Unvented Hot water storage cylinders
  • vented Hot water storage cylinders
  • Gas water heaters

And the certification part.